I Wasn’t Prepared for This

Like Twilight Sparkle in The Crystal Empire, I wasn’t prepared for this.

Earlier today, all I thought I’d be doing this weekend was a bit of gaming, perhaps ‘chasing’ myself out to the furry meet-up at IHOP on Saturday, and some laundry. Then just after 1:00 I got a text. From my landlord.

My little family – myself and four roommates, and our dogs – have lived in the same house for the past 9 years. Well, not all of us, but two of us consistently have. So it is with no small amount of sadness that I took the news: My landlord is moving back to Maine, and as part of his plans he’s selling the house. He sent us a 30-day notice today (perfectly legal, as we’ve been on a month-to-month lease for several years now).

Now I’m in panic mode. This place has been home for so long that, even though it’s beaten up, it’s still home. I don’t want to go.

More than that, well – I’m not certain what to do. I love my roommates to death but I almost wonder if this isn’t a chance for me to get out on my own, perhaps have my own place for the very first time ever. I don’t want to abandon them, but I also sometimes feel like I’m a little tied down to them to get on with my own life. Then again, friendship is magic. I’m just not sure what to do.

A couple of weeks ago – just a week or so before I first watched Twilight head off to the Crystal Empire to take on King Sombra – I had felt like change was coming. I figured that particular change was coming out as a brony, making an oath to myself to start getting out of the house, and to start getting in better shape. But apparently the world wasn’t satisfied with that. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for this. Now I just have to breathe, and remember that it will all work out in the end.


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